About the Devon Rex breed

Devon Rex, also called Pixie cats originate from Devonshire England in the late 1950s. Those who know this breed intimately understand why they are so beloved and a preferred breed for many. With their physical traits and personality combined, it is hard to resit these charmers with a fancy history.



When it comes to personality, Devon Rex cats display a rare mix of playfulness, sociability, calm and very affection.


This breed is known for it's rare and delicate beauty, with a lean body, short velvet-like fur, huge eyes and elongated neck.


Some of the traits that make this breed a winner are how kid friendly they are, their low maintenance level -- perfect for people with allergies and asthma.
A True Beauty

Devon Rex have astonishingly beautiful large eyes, elf-like ears and a long neck. Our kittens' fur is grey with a velvet-like curly texture.  Their short fur is great for people with allergies and asthma. Adult Devon Rex weight about 6-9 pounds.

Playfully and Silly

There are similarities between dogs and the Devon Rex breed as their playful personalities allow them to learn tricks and always be up for a game of fetch or tag. For this reason, they are very popular with children, who enjoy running around and playing with them.

Our Approach

Highly Sociable

A Devon Rex will enjoy spending time with you, whether you are cooking, resting or doing chores around the house. You will find them snuggled in bed with you, or resting on your lap as you read a book. They live for companionship.

Fun Fact

Devon Rex are food hounds, so they will be naturally curious by what is on your plate. Unless you are prepared to share, keep and eye out and resist their sweet eyes!

Our Story

devon rex cat in front of white background
devon rex cat in front of white background

Meet our babies

In love with this breed and interested in adopting? Meet our Devon Rex kittens. Our current litter is composed of four brothers, barily one month old.