Our philosophy and

Baby-mommy Bond

Our Devon Rex kittens are kept close to their mommy (with lots of breastfeeding and cuddles) until they are ready to leave.

This helps provide a psychological foundation by allowing them to feel secure and build trust with their environment as they take their first steps and discover the world. A trauma-free early life will prepare these little ones to face the world with a positive outlook, healthy curiosity and zeal for life. We keep our kittens very close to their mommy and their littermates until they are strong and ready to join a new family, at around 15-17 weeks.

TICA Registered Pedigree


We offer TICA registered pedigree to certify that our breeding parents are purebred Devon Rex. We take pride in ensuring their upmost quality of life until they find their forever home.

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Safety & Health for Devon Rex Kittens

We offer our Devon Rex kittens the highest quality food for a smooth and healthy development in the tender and crucial formative weeks after birth. We can provide a sample.

We also ensure our Devon Rex kittens see the vet to get a full physical check-up (we provide the vet certificate at adoption). They get all their vaccinations and deworming. Before adoptions, our kittens are spayed or neutered. We offer 4 weeks health insurances for our kittens.

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Why pure breed Devon Rex kittens?

Find out what makes this breed so exceptional and desirable as we guide you through the Devon Rex's physical and psychological characteristics.